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Veronica Mars looking at a table occupied by 09ers.

09er (pronounced "oh-niner") is slang created by teenagers in Neptune that defines a group of popular, wealthy, and powerful citizens, who generally live in the wealthy 90909 ZIP Code. 09ers are not well-appreciated as most 09ers are wealthy and sometimes like to gloat about their wealth and the lower class citizens of California envy and hates them.

Veronica Mars remarks that 09ers are people who either own big industries or work for them. But some 09ers became rich and wealthy due to their own personal gain during their lives while others gained their wealth by participating in acts of crime.

Known 09ers


  • The 09er is also a private club in Neptune. (Veronica Mars).
  • The term 09er is a real-life term that refers to residents of Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills, both wealthy enclaves of San Antonio, TX, where Rob Thomas taught high school.