Veronica tells Amelia part of the truth about her father.

Amelia DeLongpre was the daughter of Abel Koontz. She was born on March 17, 1984.

Not having seen her father in years, Amelia received millions of dollars worth of Kane Software stock through her father, believing it to be an out-of-court settlement. In reality, it was a payoff arranged by Clarence Wiedman in return for which Abel confessed to the murder of Lilly Kane.

Veronica located Amelia in her dorm at Loyola Marymount and persuaded her to assist in proving Abel's innocence. But before Veronica could secure all of the necessary proof, Wiedman found Amelia and told her the whole truth about her father's cancer. Amelia finalized the settlement agreement with Wiedman and disappeared before Veronica arrives.

Veronica finds Amelia's body.

After several months of traveling, Amelia returned to Neptune. She contacted Wiedman again asking for an additional $250,000. After receiving the money, she was killed by Carlos Mercado, a boy she met in Ibiza, at the Palm Tree Lodge. Veronica found her body in the ice machine a few days later but told Abel, who was likely to die within a day or two, that she was well and happy and traveling the world.


Veronica Mars

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