Betty and Veronica
Betty and Veronica
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Original Broadcast Date March 29, 2005
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"Betty and Veronica" was the sixteenth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars.

In this episode, Veronica investigates the mysterious disappearance of Neptune High's mascot, a parrot named Polly, and eventually goes undercover at Neptune High's rival, Pan High. Meanwhile, in flashbacks, Veronica deals with the aftermath of finding her mother.


Veronica searches through her stuff and finds a microphone in a pencil sharpener, suggesting that Clarence Wiedman was tracking her. Veronica waits for Wallace after a basketball game until Principal Clemmons pulls her aside. Principal Clemmons asks Veronica to find the school's mascot, a bird named Polly, which has recently been stolen. Veronica agrees to help under certain conditions. The principal and others think that a rival high school, Pan High, took the bird. Wallace is becoming increasingly popular and abandons Veronica at lunch. Veronica goes undercover at Pan High, but their basketball players act as surprised as Neptune's at the parrot stealing. In addition, Veronica receives news that the Pan High mascot has also been stolen. Flashing back to where the previous episode left off, Veronica confronts her mother about her feelings for Jake Kane. Lianne says that she knows Jake Kane is innocent because they were together at the time of the murder. Veronica asks Leo for the tapes of Lilly's murder investigation. Back in the past, Lianne informs Veronica that the meeting was to "protect her." Undercover at the school, everyone sees people congratulating a nerdy looking boy, Richie on stealing the parrot, while Neptune sends a package of goat meat to the cafeteria.



Veronica talks to Richie and flirts with him, asking if he would give her a tour of Rest Stop 15 (a place where students go to park, buy and sell, etc.). Veronica catches the boy's locker combination and calls Weevil with the parrot information, and lets Weevil know of the plan to meet at Rest Stop 15. Upon arriving at Rest Stop 15, Richie is confronted by Weevil. Richie says that the parrot in the picture is not Neptune's mascot. Leo brings back the Lilly Kane investigation tapes to Veronica. Back in the past, Lianne says that she does not know Veronica's real father is, and that a paternity test would be needed. At Neptune High, Veronica sits with Wallace and his new friends. Later, Wallace leads Veronica to a truck with a goat in it. Veronica listens to the interrogation tapes, and she hears Keith talking to Jake Kane. Veronica sends Wallace to deliver a "gift" to Clarence Wiedman's assistant. Veronica listens to Keith's interrogation of Celeste Kane. That night, Veronica goes on a date with Leo before she sees Meg with Duncan on a double date with Jake and Celeste at the same restaurant. Flashing back one more time, Lianne reveals Celeste's knowledge of the affair. Veronica points out a mistake in Jake and Celeste's story — Lianne says they were at the hotel for 20 minutes, while Jake said they were there for 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, a Pan High student in a mask shows the Neptune people over TV that he has the parrot. The student demands that Wallace does not play or else Polly will die.

M and V

Meg and Veronica find out who took Polly the Parrot

Veronica talks with Meg, who says that the thug must have put in the announcement the night before. The two examine the photograph, and Veronica sees a basketball number on the person's sneakers. Veronica steals both the mascot's back and frames the actual culprit — a Neptune boy who stole the parrot so he could kick Wallace out and go back to being a starter so that he could continue sabotaging his team's chances of winning the basketball game and ensure winning bets against Neptune. Veronica checks her mother into a rehabilitation center. Veronica talks to her father about her discovery that Abel Koontz is someone's proxy. Veronica takes out the pencil sharpener and states fakery that she knows who collected Abel Koontz's accounts. Veronica, assuming that Wallace has delivered the "gift" (which he did and had a microphone in it), listens. Clarence Wiedman asks his assistant to call Amelia DeLongpre, and Veronica finds out that she is Abel Koontz's daughter.

Cultural references

A variety of cultural references are made in the episode:

  • Veronica references the Wildlife Alliance and the film Valley Girl.
  • Veronica misquotes an Academy Award speech of Sally Field.
  • Veronica says that the Neptune High vending machines carry Orangina.
  • Veronica calls herself a "human Google".
  • Lianne reminds Veronica about a time when she wanted to have Cyndi Lauper's haircut.
  • When Lianne tells Veronica that her meet-up with Jake Kane was just to talk to him, Veronica snippily replies "On the day all the Starbucks were closed."
  • Wallace says that the goat ate his Air Jordans.
  • Veronica references the 1976 supernatural horror film Carrie.
  • Richie compares Rest Stop 15 as a cross between Inspiration Point, a location in Happy Days, and Tijuana.
  • Veronica chooses the alias "Betty" at Pan High School, which is a reference to the often at-odds characters Betty and Veronica in Archie Comics. As "Betty," she says she is a transfer student from Riverdale.
  • Polly, the mascot of Neptune High, was also a reference to the sister of Betty from Archie Comics.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • "Pick Up the Phone" - The Notwist
  • "You And Your Kind" - The Brown Mountain Lights
  • "A Chorus Line" - Ultramagnetic MCs
  • "Rabbit" - The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem
  • "Nothing Is Wrong" - The Brown Mountain Lights
  • "Fall Behind Me" - The Donnas
  • "Headphonland: The Gangster Chapter" - Mice Parade


Veronica: Hi. I'm … Betty. So, you guys all play basketball?
Veronica: I love basketball! I'm kind of a freak when it comes to sports, I totally get into it.
Richie: Are we talking face painting?
Veronica: Face painting, hair streaked the color of the school. At my old school, I was Horny! … We were the Rhinos. I was the mascot.
Richie: And what school was that?
Veronica: Riverdale.
(Note: Riverdale is the high school from Archie Comics, which featured characters called Betty and Veronica).

Weevil: Where's the bird, Wilson? I'm nearly bursting with Pirate pride here. Weevil wanna punch a cracker.

Veronica: Can you do me a weird favor without asking any questions?
Wallace: Isn't that the bedrock upon which our friendship was founded?

Veronica: Pan High, the un-Neptune. Just 13 miles away, but when those miles are heading inland, there are no yacht clubs and no 5 million-dollar homes with coastal views. The parking lot is full of American-made cars from the '90s and the vending machines don't carry Orangina. People here hate Neptune as much as I do.


  • The title Betty and Veronica is a reference to the Archie Comics characters Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Veronica mentions Riverdale which is the town that the Archie comics are set in.


  • In the beginning, when Veronica is searching her room for the bug, you can see a crew member in the mirror of the bathroom as Veronica is passing by it.
  • When Veronica and her mother in the bar, her mother's hair switches parts, and between messy and smooth, in consecutive shots.

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