Casey Gant is a student at Neptune High. He was once like the stereotypical 09er: Snobby and mean. One day, he started to go home late, do activities he usually didn't do, and was generally more pleasant. His parents began to worry when he sold his car. Veronica investigated, only to find out that Casey had joined a cult and gave his money to them. Originally skeptical about the group, Veronica finds out that the cult was truly a happy and kind group that were growing Poinsettia to sell around Christmas, truly being an ultimate money maker. Thanks to Casey, they were able to use the money he had given to create a greenhouse for the Poinsettia. When Casey's grandmother died, Casey inherited the wealth his grandmother had placed on her will. His parents have him dragged to a car and presumably handed him over for reprogramming. The next time Veronica saw him, he had become serious and focused on life. ("Drinking The Kool-Aid")

When Veronica investigates her rape, he was one of the few 09ers that Veronica could approach as a friend, saying that the others would probably walk on her corpse for a stick of gum. He tells her everything he could remember about the night, specifically how Dick and his friends were feeding her shots so she'd make out with Shelly Pomroy. ("A Trip To The Dentist")

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