Charisma Lee Carpenter (born July 23, 1970) is an American actress best known by fans of Veronica Mars for playing the character Kendall Casablancas.

Named after an Avon Perfume product, Carpenter was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and is of Cherokee and Spanish descent. Carpenter also attended Bonita Vista High School and Chula Vista School of the Creative and Performing Arts during her adolescent years. She was a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers for a year before moving to Los Angeles. She was discovered while waiting tables to save for a college education, leading to roles in theatrical productions and more than twenty commercials before her first television appearance in an episode of Baywatch.

Carpenter is also known by fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel for playing Cordelia Chase. Carpenter also played as Lacy in The Expendables and its sequel The Expendables 2.

Notable Acting Roles

Appearances in Veronica Mars



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