Charlie Stone, a teacher at a private school in San Juan Capistrano, is the illegitimate son of Aaron Echolls and thus the paternal half-brother of Logan.


Charlie's mother, a flight attendant, met Aaron in the first class section of one of his flights. With the help of Aaron's business manager, Charlie was kept a secret, but has been receiving money through Aaron's fake charity, Aaron's Kidz. Veronica discovers this when Logan asks her to figure out why his trust fund is running lower than expected.

Given the opportunity, Logan contacts him and meets with him, followed immediately by a trip to the beach for surfing, where the "brothers" bond and Logan tells Charlie about what kind of a father Aaron was to him, and even gave him his grandfather's pocket watch. Veronica later investigates and finds out that the "Charlie Stone" Logan met was in fact Norman Phipps, a contributor to Vanity Fair doing an article on the Echolls.

Thinking Charlie sent Norman to him, Logan appeared on Larry King to expose his brother's identity, taking away Charlie's anonymity. Norman's story was then dropped since Logan has already come out with it. Veronica, while retrieving Logan's pocket watch, finds out that Charlie did not, in fact, send Norman to Logan, but Norman merely had a tap on Charlie's phone. Charlie had wanted to stay anonymous. Logan is struck with guilt when he finds out and tries to apologize to him through phone calls and messages but to no avail.

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