Cole is a student at Neptune High and was Meg Manning's boyfriend but their relationship quickly went downhill when a fake purity test result was posted for Meg. Cole immediately confronts Meg about this, refusing to believe Meg's denial of the results, and quickly believing that Meg lied to protect her reputation. Cole angrily walks away, telling her that she's made him into a joke. He is seen later making fun of Meg with the other 09ers before being humiliated by Meg's sister, Lizzie Manning. When Meg's reputation had been cleaned thanks to Veronica Mars, Cole tried to apologize to Meg, but she didn't really care a lot about him anymore. (Like A Virgin)

He was present at Shelly Pomroy's 2004 party--Meg told him that they should help Veronica. He refuses and tells her that he didn't want to have to spend his night with Veronica puking on the backseat of his car and they leave. (A Trip To The Dentist)

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