Cormac was the head of the Fitzpatrick family before going to San Quentin for fraud. His partner in his grifting scheme was Kendall Casablancas, who was working as a roper. To spare Cormac his third strike, Kendall spent a few months in prison by taking the fall for him. However, he was eventually caught and only got out of jail in late 2006.

Kendall hired Keith Mars to escort Cormac to a safe house where she was waiting with a clean getaway from Liam Fitzpatrick- in the form of a priceless painting. Before Keith left to retrieve Cormac, Vinnie Van Lowe proposes they work on a case together, but Keith refuses. Vinnie picks up Keith's briefcase and fishes around inside before giving it back.

Once at the compound, Keith picks up newly-released Cormac. He says he can't wait to live the rest of his life with the love of his life. On their way to the safe house, Keith's car breaks down in the middle of the desert and they have no cell service. Keith suggests they walk to the nearest town, three miles away; Cormac convinces him it's better to wait, as there are scorpions, snakes, and coyote traps in the way. Keith takes a nap. A few hours later, Cormac wakes him up because a tow truck has arrived. They get a ride to the safe house.

Kendall warmly reunites with Cormac, and they cozy up on the couch. Kendall reveals their new location will be somewhere with sand and ocean. At that cue, Keith goes to the broken-down car outside to retrieve their travel papers in his briefcase. However, he finds Vinnie Van Lowe's pen and discovers it's a bug. Realizing Vinnie must have been working for Liam, Keith goes to get his gun from the glove box- but it's gone. He runs back into the house to warn the couple but stumbles upon Cormac shooting Kendall, who then shoots at Keith. It's obvious that Cormac was actually in it for the money, which Kendall supposedly owed to the Fitzpatricks.

Keith escapes through the desert, and Cormac chases after him that morning, with Liam on his tail. Cormac sees Vinnie's pen buried in the sand, but when he goes to retrieve it, a coyote trap snaps on his ankle. Liam catches up with his brother and shoots him in the face.

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