Daniel Maloof is a character in Season 4. He is a Congressman. He is the older brother of Alex Maloof, who was a victim in the first bombing at spring break in Neptune.


Daniel Maloof is first seen in Spring Break Forever, when he talks to the cops about what happened to his little brother. Unconvinced that the police will be able to solve the murder, he and his wife hire Mars Investigations to look into the bombing and what happened.

As the season goes on, it is revealed that Daniel has many secrets. He has been blackmailed for years because he was caught masterbating and the blackmailer threatened to release the photo if he didn't vote how he was told. At some point, Daniel believes the blackmailer has something to do with the bombing.

Daniel Maloof is threatened several times by the brothers of Tawny Carr, who believe that he took the ring that his brother, Alex Maloof, gave to her for their engagement. The ring has a supposed worth of $100,000.

In fear for his life, Daniel hires Logan as his bodyguard. He stays most of the time at the Neptune Grand Hotel to avoid confrontation. Although, he has a nicotine addiction and leaves at one point to get nicotine gum.

The brothers see him living the hotel and they kidnap and torture him, threatening death. Maloof is saved from the torture by Alonzo Lozano and Dodie Mendoza, who believe that he is the bomber. Instead, they tell him they are going to kill him to bring his head back to their boss. Maloof gets lucky adn the radio reveals that he is not the bomber after all. He negotiates for his life and offers $100,000 in Bitcoin to the cartel guys. He tells them he will give the money if they kill Tawny's brothers.

After the cartel guys kill (or so they thought) the brothers, one of the brothers survives. He hunts Maloof down and shoots him in the shoulder. Daniel survives.

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