Deborah Hauser was a bitter, divorced Health Teacher at Neptune High. Her husband left her for another man and she began to take her anger and despair on her students. She has a spoiled and rather brash son, Albert Hauser, whom she leaves at Veronica's for her to babysit while Deborah attended a Bachelor party. She happily picks him up while she exclaims how she has a date with Deputy Sacks.

She is also very Shallow and prejudiced. Once a friend of Lianne Mars, she gossips about Mary Mooney's pregnancy. She also accused Jackie Cook of stealing the Senior Class' trip fund money after her father became a suspect in the bus crash, going so far to call her trash. She is however proved to be a liar, a hypocrite, and a thief when Veronica finds a large portion of the money hidden in the drop ceiling and her footprint on glitter below. Principal Clemmons escorts her to his office and she is promptly fired.


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