Dylan Goran was Trina Echolls' abusive ex-boyfriend. He wanted to have Trina's father, Aaron, appear in (and finance) his movie, Escaping Your Past.

He beat Trina to the point where she had to wear sunglasses at home and could only limp when walking. Logan noticed and asked for Veronica's help in identifying Dylan after Trina refused Logan's help. Veronica manages to dig up a file on him, which revealed he had had restraining orders filed against him by two different women.

Aaron agrees to meet Dylan at his home. But Aaron knew what Dylan had done to his daughter. He assaulted Dylan and beat him into submission. Logan and Veronica arrive too late and sees him squirming on the floor as Aaron whips him with an inch of his life with a belt. Aaron then asks Logan how was school before telling him to escort Dylan out. (Hot Dogs)

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