Faith Manning is the daughter of Duncan Kane and Meg Manning. She was born in December 2005--on or right before New Year's Eve. ("One Angry Veronica)

After Faith was born, a blood clot killed Meg, putting the child in the care of Meg's parents. Before she died, Meg had secured a promise from Veronica that she would make sure that her baby would not be raised by the Mannings. So Veronica helped Duncan kidnap his daughter and escape the country with the help of Vinnie Van Lowe and Astrid, Celeste Kane's assistant. After fleeing the country, Duncan renamed his daughter 'Lilly' after his sister. ("Donut Run")

The next and last time Lilly appeared, Duncan was playing with her on a beach in Mollymook, Australia when Clarence Wiedman called Duncan to confirm that he had killed Aaron Echolls. ("Not Pictured")

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