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Hank Landry was Veronica's Intro to Criminology professor. Although Veronica has yet to decide on a major, Prof. Landry has been advocating criminal investigations as a career choice for her. Prof. Landry is joined in his Intro to Criminology class by his teaching assistant Tim Foyle.


Veronica first impressed Prof. Landry by solving the murder mystery he presented on the first day of class in record time. Later, she impresses him by being the sole person to write an "A" caliber paper in his Intro to Criminology class. After reading the paper, he talks to Veronica about her potential and offers to be her faculty adviser. While Veronica is considering Prof. Landry's offer, she is manipulated by Tim Foyle into finding out one of Landry's secrets: he has been having an affair with Mindy O'Dell, the wife of the Dean of Hearst College.

Shortly after this incident, Prof Landry announces his end-of-term research paper: to plan the perfect murder. He then meets with Veronica and tells her that he is going to recommend her for a summer internship with the FBI and that he will accept her application essay for the position as a replacement for the end-of-term assignment. Veronica assumed that Prof. Landry was attempting to buy her silence about Landry's affair with Mindy and turned down the offer. Upon telling this to Prof. Landry, he explained that the internship offer had nothing to do with what she knew about him, but Veronica still opted to write the end-of-term paper. Veronica received one of the three "A"s that Prof. Landry gave out for this paper.

When Veronica finds out that her father is investigating whether Dean O'Dell's wife is having an affair she tells Keith what she knows about Prof. Landry and Mindy. Keith tells the Dean who takes a loaded revolver and visits Prof. Landry and Mindy O'Dell in the middle of one of their rendezvous. It is as of now unknown what transpired in the room that night.

When Keith Mars takes the Dean O'Dell case, he finds Prof. Landry at a local bar and attempts to entice a confession out of Landry over some drinks. This does not work, however, as Landry informs Keith that he read Keith's book and he knows that Keith is a private investigator.


Hank Landry is also the name of a character on Stargate SG-1.


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