Hanna Griffiths is introduced in the second season of the show. She is a high-school sophomore, making her two years younger than most of the main cast (who are seniors). Sweet and affectionate, she is also somewhat naive for her age. Hannah is also a member of the girls' track team. Her parents are divorced and appear to have joint custody. While they both seem to love their daughter, her mother is a bit strict and overprotective, disapproving of her first serious relationship.

This relationship is with Logan Echolls, who Hannah meets at a school carnival. She is surprised when he asks her out. At first she is apprehensive that a senior (with somewhat of a bad reputation) has taken interest in someone like her, though eventually she concedes. Her relationship with Logan is a little rocky due to his behavior (he pretends not to know her when he is with his friends), but overall, she really likes him. Logan also gets her to see her father, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Thomas Griffith, in a different light; Logan tells her that her father is a cocaine user who is being asked by his dealers (the Fitzpatricks) to falsely testify against Logan in a murder trial. Hanna soon learns that she can't trust Logan, because he was only using her to get to her father. However, Hanna quickly forgives Logan, but when her father catches her undressing with Logan he sends Hanna to a boarding school in Vermont.


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