Hunter Scott is the son of Lianne Mars and Tanner Scott. He is also the half-brother of Veronica Mars and Aurora Scott. At first, he seemed shy but quickly warms up to Veronica, playing with her when she visited the second time. He seems to inherit some of Veronica's intelligence as he was able to deduce that his mother might be sent to prison from bits of a conversation he had heard his mother was having. Veronica promised him that, no matter what happened to their mother, she'd be there for him.

In the aftermath, Lianne was apparently found innocent, Tanner was sent to jail for two years, charged with extortion and obstruction of justice, and Aurora was given parole and mandatory therapy, her custody being awarded to Lianne. Because of the events, Lianne is having trouble making ends meet, and Veronica quietly helps fund Hunter's life, including helping to pay for him to attend a sleepaway camp. Hunter and Veronica Skype at least once every couple of weeks.

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