Jackie Cook was a student at Neptune High. She is the daughter of Neptune Sharks baseball legend, Terrence Cook. She is very self-conscious of the way her classmates view her.



Jackie is befriended by Wallace Fennel when he helps her find out who hit her father's Porsche, and they date until he leaves for Chicago. However, she and Veronica frequently butt heads, and she even has Veronica Punk'd on a local cable show. Her fortunes change when her father is accused of causing the bus crash that killed several Neptune High students, making her a social pariah.

Eventually, she and Veronica become friends, and she resumes dating Wallace after at first trying to turn him away.


When her dad ends up in the hospital, she visits him frequently and they become much closer. But after he is released, he says he no longer has time for her and tells her that she should leave Neptune. (He does not tell her that he is being pressured by a thuggish and threatening casino owner to whom he owes several million dollars.)

She leaves Wallace a note saying she has left for Paris to attend the Sorbonne, and after graduation he heads to Paris to find her. However, Veronica tracks her to Brooklyn, New York. Although Jackie claimed to be the daughter of a model who grew up on the Upper West Side, she is really the daughter of a waitress who had a one night stand with Terrence Cook, and she is working in a diner with her mother. Jackie also has a two-year-old son who her mother had been raising while she got a new start in Neptune. Jackie intercepts Wallace during his layover in New York, and tells him that she has to stay in New York so that she can be a mother to her son.


  • "Look, I might've lied about my life, but I swear I never lied to Wallace about how I felt."
  • "I want it all: the corsage, the photos under the balloon arch, the clandestine loving with my age-appropriate date...with the focusing problem. Hey! Dreamweaver."
  • "Look, I don't care if you're the house magician, can you just make me a macchiato?"
  • "I can't be that person, Wallace. I had to come back. And I have to stay."


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