Jake Kane is a software billionaire, the owner of Kane Software. His immediate family includes his wife Celeste, and their children Duncan and Lilly. After the murder of his daughter, he contributed a great effort into covering up evidence he believed would convict his son. When Aaron Echolls was eventually arrested, he was also arrested for obstruction of justice. He is also part of the Hearst Secret Society- The Castle.


Jake is the father of Veronica's ex-boyfriend Duncan Kane and dead best friend, Lilly Kane. He also invented streaming video, making Jake one of the most influential men in Neptune, California via his software company, Kane Software. His ex-wife, Celeste Kane, is a philanthropist whose Kane Foundation offers an annual college scholarship.

Past relationships

Another revelation involving Jake more closely affects Veronica. From the pilot episode forward, Jake is linked with Lianne Mars through a handful of situations over several years. After Lianne has left her family and the state following Lilly's murder and Jake's investigation, her car is found to have been at the Neptune Grand Hotel, thereby suggesting a rendezvous between Jake and Lianne.

The reasons for such a meeting are unclear until Veronica interviews Abel Koontz, a onetime software technician at Kane Software who became implicated in and imprisoned for Lilly's murder. Abel suggests that Veronica is actually Jake's biological daughter rather than Keith's, owing to the fact the Jake and Lianne once dated while in high school and were voted king and queen of the prom.

The possibility, though unspoken until that point, had existed since the pilot episode. It caused Veronica to reexamine her own relationships with Duncan as well as with Keith.

It is also confirmed that Celeste Kane and Jake Kane had a divorce when Veronica says in the Veronica Mars movie "the richest divorcee in Southern California" addressing Celeste Kane.



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