Jerry Sacks was a Deputy at the Balboa County Sheriff Department. Friendly, helpful, and dutiful, Deputy Sacks is a steady, useful member of the department--and a consistent, reliable ally to both Keith and Veronica.

Sacks dead.

After Dan Lamb became Sheriff and turned the department more corrupt, he approached Keith to tell him that he planned to testify against the department. He spotted someone from his rear mirror and quickly started the car. As they leave, however, a mystery truck collided with the car. Sacks and Keith were knocked unconscious and severely injured. The truck returned and Logan managed to pull Keith out before the truck struck the car again, with Sacks still in it. Keith was left in critical condition but Sacks was pronounced Dead on Arrival at the hospital.


  • Actor Brandon Hillock stated in the #VeronicaMarsRewatch thread on Twitter that he decided to sport Sacks' signature mustache because he was the same age as most of the cast and felt Sacks should look older. [1]



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