Kimmy is a student at Neptune High. Her boyfriend is Renny DeMouy, the IT guy that works at Neptune High as one of his rotations in the school district.


When Mac sends out a purity test around the school, knowing that the 09er's such as Kimmy would gladly hand over their money just to grab a copy of the test, Kimmy uses her boyfriend to get her hands on Meg's email password because she's jealous of her and to give Veronica's password to Pam, who hates Veronica because Duncan is apparently still hung up on her.

Veronica quickly finds out who had been giving out the passwords. She follows Renny to Inspiration Rock Quarry and finds him having sex with Kimmy. Veronica takes pictures of the two and blackmails Kimmy the next day to tell her why she'd been taking the passwords. She unwittingly let herself be recorded by Veronica, who placed her video camera in her locker. Veronica gives the tapes to Meg and the entire conversation is broadcast on Neptune High's TV station. Pam quickly lashes out at her and Kimmy runs away, crying.

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