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Leo D'Amato was the new Sheriff's Deputy, who Veronica Mars befriends. He was also responsible for releasing the Lily Kane and Aaron Echolls tapes.


Without his consent, Veronica steals a recording of an anonymous tip implicating Abel Koontz in the death of Lilly Kane from the evidence room. Leo is shortly suspended for the break-in, and when Veronica attempts to apologize, he is reluctant to forgive her. When Veronica admits she has fallen for him, he dismisses the claim, however they kiss during her school dance. When Veronica secretly begins to date Logan, she confesses the affair to Leo and ends the relationship. The pair manage to remain on good terms, and Leo assists Veronica in breaking-up a dognapping ring the same night she breaks up with him. To get enough money to send his little sister with Down syndrome to a private school, Leo steals and sells the Aaron Echolls and Lilly Kane sex tapes to Logan. Logan promptly destroys the tapes due to the traumatic nature of them, however he inadvertently compromises the pending case against Aaron. Keith discovers Leo's participation in the theft, however, he covers for him by stating that the tapes were stolen because Leo was not at his post. Leo is promptly fired from the sheriff's department, but is able to keep the money that Logan paid him and help his sister. Leo begins working for a private security company, and finds himself working for Woody Goodman's daughter Gia. Leo contacts Keith when he is concerned that his security company's warehouse is about to be robbed. Leo loses his job for involving Keith, although Keith asks him to return as a deputy.

He now works as a detective at the San Diego Police Department. Veronica pays him a visit. At first, he seemed to not remember her, but was merely joking. He assists Veronica's investigation on the Susan Knight murder case by giving valuable information that he got from taking the testimonies of the people on board the Serendipity the night Susan was murdered.


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