"Lord of the Pi's" was the eighth episode of the third season of Veronica Mars.


"She always gets the replay; never tilt at all."

Veronica investigates the disappearance of the granddaughter of Hearst's founder (played by Patty Hearst) just before a crucial vote on the future of the school's Greek system.

Arc significance

  • Veronica discovers that Claire's may not have been the only rape faked by the girls of Lilith House.
  • A heavy-set sorority pledge's humiliation and injury was the reason given for faking Claire's rape as a way of helping the cause of shutting down the Greek houses on campus.
  • Logan Echolls tells Veronica Mars that he loves her.


  • "Made to Be Broken" - Paul Minor
  • "Slipping Away" - The Aeroplanes
  • "Poison Cup" - M. Ward

Writing and acting

  • In reference to Patty Hearst's guest appearance, creator Rob Thomas said, "She is playing a character close to herself. She's playing the granddaughter of Hearst College's founder, who in our world is a railroad baron rather than a publishing baron. It'll be similar, but she is not literally playing Patty Hearst."

Production details

  • A same sex kiss was scheduled between Patty Hearst's character and Keri Lynn Pratt's character, but The CW would not allow it and offered no explanation. This brought up some controversy since both UPN and The WB allowed same sex kissing when they were separate networks. A possible reason is speculated to be the differences in the characters' age.

Quotes and trivia

  • This episode had an estimated audience of 2.57 million viewers on initial airing. It was the lowest rated episode of the season to date.
  • The episode title is a reference to the novel Lord of the Flies and the Pi Sigma fraternity.
  • The wheelchair-bound Budd having a servant named Brandt is one of several references the series has made to The Big Lebowski.
  • The character Budd Rose is a reference to Rosebud from the movie Citizen Kane, which was allegedly based on the life of William Randolph Hearst.
  • Patty Hearst's character's name is Selma. This is most likely a reference to the The Simpsons characters Patty and Selma, Marge's twin sisters, and was likely intentional, considering Veronica's reference to Waylon Smithers and Monty Burns.
  • After jumping the wall at the Hearst Mansion, Veronica makes a sound effect reminiscent of The Bionic Woman.
  • Veronica's line "She always gets the replay, never tilts at all" is a reference to a near identical line in The Who's song "Pinball Wizard".

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