Loretta Cancun is a dancer at The Seventh Veil in Neptune. Cliff McCormack represents her after she is arrested for vandalism: "taking a baseball bat to the washing machine that stole her quarters at Suds-N-Duds." Cliff informs Veronica that Ms. Cancun has informed him that the bar "has an interesting way of keeping their liquor license." Veronica later films a bar employee and a sheriff's deputy having sex in a patrol car. Veronica arranges for that tape to be swapped with the court's copy of the Sac N' Pac video of the PCHers stealing beer, giving the judge quite a surprise. (Pilot)

She once again requires Cliff's help for an unspecified matter about which she claims she's been subject to entrapment, which Cliff states she doesn't understand as well as she thinks she does. (M.A.D.)

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