Mallory Dent was Veronica's journalism teacher at Neptune High but left her job after becoming pregnant.


Ms. Dent, as she is commonly referred to, was Veronica's journalism teacher through the first half of Veronica's Junior year.

Because she was new to Neptune High, she did not know about the tangled history involving Veronica and was the only teacher who took Veronica at face value, not based on prejudices. Together with Veronica, she was responsible for uncovering the voting scam that led to Duncan Kane winning the elections illegally.

After the firing of the replacement journalism teacher ("Weapons of Class Destruction"), and the death of her successor ("Normal Is the Watchword"), the Neptune Navigator is now apparently without a staff member in charge of it.


Originally intended to be a surrogate maternal figure and role model, artistic concerns (a lack of storylines in which she could be significantly involved) and budgetary ones (a need for a large guest cast to serve the mystery format) led Rob Thomas to phase the character out by having her become pregnant out of wedlock. This was only mentioned in passing in a later episode.



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