Matty Ross is a featured character in Season 4 of the T.V. series, Veronica Mars.


Matty has a fearless attitude with a sharp sense of humor. She has a drive for investigating and crime solving, particularly the bombing. Matty is often on her own and doesn’t connect with many friends or family members, with the exception of her father who was killed.

Matty develops an unlikely relationship with Veronica, as Veronica takes her on as a sort of “protege” (due to Matty’s love for investigating and fearlessness).


Matty Ross is a 16 year old girl who first appears in “Spring Break Forever.” She works with her father at the Sea Sprite motel. Matty is one of the witnesses to the first bombing that kills her father among others.

When Matty loses her dad in the Sea Sprite explosion, she loses everything. She now is living with her mom (divorced from her dad) and siblings- but very unhappily. She often runs off without saying anything to her mom. She even starts sleeping in vacant rooms at the Sea Sprite and on Veronica’s couch.

Matty is eager to find out the truth about the bombing. She follows a theory about a new vending machine man who came to the motel before the bombing. Her investigation leads them to Perry Walsh.

She later concludes that Big Dick was the bomber. She even breaks into his house to collect evidence. She witnesses his murder in the house, from the cartel guys, and she walks away without saying anything.

Matty pawns the engagement ring of Alex Maloof and Tawny Carr to pay for the remodel at the Sea Sprite motel. She also starts working at Mars Investigations at the end of Season 4.

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