Max is a student at Hearst College. He was known for giving out "study guides" for tests and exams before one client, Wallace Fennel, admits he cheated.

He is friends with Piz and Fred, who, feeling bad about his virgin status, decide to hire an escort. They choose a girl calling herself Chelsea and coach her in seducing Max with nerd knowledge. Though Max is mesmerized by her and doesn't know she's a prostitute, they don't sleep together, and he drives Chelsea to the airport the next morning.

Max believes he has fallen in love with Chelsea and hires Veronica to track her down. Veronica figures out that Piz and Fred hired her to sleep with him, but when she tells Max, he wants to find her nonetheless. Veronica does find her. Her real name is Wendy and she's just as taken with Max as he is with her. Max buys her out of prostitution for 10 grand. However, Max can't let go of her past and they break up.

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