Normal Is The Watchword
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23 2x01 Two
Original Broadcast Date September 28, 2005
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"Normal Is The Watchword" was the first episode and season premiere of the second season of Veronica Mars.

In this episode, Veronica reveals the events that transpired over the summer after the resolution of the murder of Lilly Kane. Meanwhile, Veronica investigates a scam involving students' forged drug tests, and a school bus mysteriously goes off a cliff.



The bus crash.


Main Cast

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars
Percy Daggs III as Wallace Fennel
Teddy Dunn as Duncan Kane
Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls
Francis Capra as Eli "Weevil" Navarro
Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas
Kyle Gallner as Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas
Tessa Thompson as Jackie Cook
Enrico Colantoni as Keith Mars

Guest Stars

Special Appearances



Breathin' -- Asylum Street Spankers
The Change -- Jon Dee Graham
Long Time Coming -- Delays
Ashes -- Embrace

Writing and acting

  • Ryan Hansen and Kyle Gallner are promoted to series regulars.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, Veronica says, "Logan and Duncan don't speak anymore. I guess that's what happens when your best friend starts dating your ex." The audience is led to believe that she's going out with Logan and Duncan is spiteful because of it, but it's later revealed to be the other way around--that Veronica broke up with Logan last summer, and started dating Duncan again.

Production details

  • This episode was originally titled "Urine Trouble".

Quotes and trivia

Veronica:(After talking to Dick Casablancas) I feel dirty.
Duncan: Dirty one r, or two r's?
  • This is a reference to the Christina Aguilera song "Dirrty".

Veronica: I can't believe after a year of working here you don't know the make and model of the filing cabinet.
Wallace: Yeah, it is hard to believe. Usually memorizing that information is the first thing I do when I enter a room containing a filing cabinet.

Veronica: Got any enemies you know about?
Wallace: Well, there's the Klan.
Veronica: This is not really their M.O.
Wallace: I guess that leaves everybody that hates you.

Veronica: I heard that you were kicked off the cheerleading squad.
Meg: Yeah, but you know me, I'm a major stoner. It was really affecting me, too, I was like, "Let's go! Let's go! L-E-T-S… duh…"

Logan: Hey, can Dick and Beaver come out to play?

Keith: What's up, honey?
Veronica: Wallace is having a little trouble giving me a urine sample.
Keith: Can't you talk on the phone and paint your nails like other girls?
  • This may also be a reference to the website "Television Without Pity," which used a clipart of a teenage girl talking on the phone and painting her nails to represent the show; Rob Thomas participates in the forums on the website.

Veronica: You never played Little League?
Duncan: Oh, well, Mom was afraid a ball would hit me in the face. Dad was afraid it would interfere with Mock UN and I was afraid I couldn't hit a curveball.
Veronica: I'm afraid you're gonna get love handles if you eat all that.
Duncan: I have an excellent metabolism.
Veronica: Well then, it's official. I hate you.

Veronica: When my dad finds out about this, he's not gonna let me wash this hand.
Terrence: So, who's your favorite player?
Veronica: Ummm...
Duncan: Tell him. Be honest.
Terrence: It's Johnny Damon, isn't it?
Veronica: He's so pretty.

Veronica: And, the thing that I can't stand is that…I'm pretty sure there's a part of you that's having fun with all of this.
Logan: Fun? Fun? My mom is dead! My girlfriend is dead! My dad is a murderer! And the only person I still care about is dumping me. You think I'm having fun?

Veronica: I should go. 'Cause my Dad is probably watching us through a telescope.
Logan: He's probably impressed with your virtue.
Veronica: And that telescope is mounted on a rifle.
[Logan holds up his five fingers]
Logan: Five more minutes. He should feel lucky. You could be out here with some pretty boy jerk just looking to get laid.
Veronica: Wait. What are you saying, you not pretty?
Logan: No. What I'm trying to say is I'm in love with you.
Veronica: The things guys will say to get past second base.

Veronica: I heard you were pantsed in gym last year.
Vincent: Are you requesting a private viewing?


  • Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen improvised a crude hand gesture widely known as "The Shocker" during the pool scene. While the act slipped by the censors, it was unable to be edited out of broadcast because Jason Dohring did the gesture for every take.
  • Charisma Carpenter joins the cast, making her the second Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum to star on the show, after Alyson Hannigan . This is not the first time former costars have been cast on the show.
  • Logan says that Trina Echolls is insisting on playing herself in The Aaron Echolls Story but the producers want Tara Reid. Alyson Hannigan, who plays Trina, worked with Reid in American Pie and American Pie 2. Additionally, the network wanted Reid to play the role of Trina.
  • This episode had an estimated audience size of 3.30 million US viewers on its first airing.[1]


  • When Veronica takes a flash picture at 12:08, the flash is not enabled on her camera. The pulse of light was added as a visual effect.
  • When Veronica is talking to Weevil at the gas station, the film crew is reflected in Weevil's helmet. You can see the camera, a boom mic, and two large white reflectors set up behind the camera.
  • When Keith is interviewed on television, the news crawl refers to "malnutritioned" Ugandan tribes. The correct word is "malnourished".



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