Norris Clayton was a classmate of Veronica's at Neptune High. During middle school, he earned a reputation as a thug and a bully. He relentlessly picked on Pete Kaminski, taking his lunch money every day. He does have a softer side, shown when he scared away another bully who was spitting spitballs at Veronica.

After a malicious website and several bomb threats called are called in at Neptune High, an ATF agent is sent to befriend Norris on suspicion that he was running the site. However, the ATF agent, Ben, fails after getting into an argument with Norris. Ben enlists Veronica's help to find any evidence of Norris preparing to bomb the school, telling her of Norris' crush on her.

Veronica visits and Norris shows her his weapon collection. While Veronica kept Norris occupied, Ben planted the bomb ingredients and weapons on Norris' trunk, revealing that Ben's plan was to frame Norris with the crime. Norris is arrested the next day but is released and the charges dropped when Veronica and the Journalism Class publish all the evidence that Ben planted false evidence and revealed that Pete Kaminski was the true handler of the malicious website in an attempt to get revenge on Norris. The exposé costs Geena Stafford her job as the Journalism teacher. ("Weapons of Class Destruction")

Several years after graduation, Norris takes a job as a Sheriff's deputy and is one of the few honest employees of the Department. He clearly expressed his doubts about the department's competence to Veronica when they meet there. ("The Thousand Dollar Tan Line")


Norris Clayton

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