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Pacific Coast Highway is the name given to a biker gang known to prowl the highway. Members of the gang are referred to as PCHers.


The biker gang only travel around at night and usually get themselves into trouble with 09ers, Sheriff's Department, or other characters like Wallace Fennel and Veronica Mars.

The main leader of the gang is Eli “Weevil” Navarro and his closest partner is Felix Toombs. Weevil in in charge of the gang and he orders them what to do at certain places and at certain times. Most of the time they travel along with Weevil himself. However, after one of the gang members is killed, the gang starts to separate from each other and cause difficulties for the group and for others.

At one point, Thumper begins to challenge Eli's leadership and begins doing business with the Fitzpatricks, a rival group, without Eli's knowledge. Confronted by their leader, Thumper finally gets the whole gang to turn against Weevil and kicks him out of the gang, with the usual ritual of beating him up and throwing his motorcycle away.

Eventually, after Thumper's death, the remaining PCHers find themselves in trouble with the "Fighting Fitzpatricks". Fortunately, Thumper used a list of their customers as leverage and insurance against the Fitzpatricks, and Weevil managed to get a hold of it, with Veronica's help, and saved the bikers from the Fitzpatricks continued control. Although the bikers were willing to have Weevil back, possibly as their leader, Weevil, however, chooses to leave the group for good, telling them that they are "on their own now".

Despite the disbandment, the gang is still notorious in Neptune, and Weevil has avoided contact with them since his arrest and parole. As a favor to Veronica, however, Weevil does contact them so that Veronica could meet with the new leader to clear their name of murder. Arturo, the new leader, was the boy Veronica had caught trying to mug pizza delivery guys to impress Thumper to get into the P.C.H. gang during his last year at Neptune High.


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