H. Richard Casablancas is the father of Dick and Cassidy and husband of Kendall Casablancas.


Richard is the C.E.O. of Casablancas Enterprises, apparently a real estate corporation. However, he was conning his investors for millions with his fake illustrations of real estate properties. Veronica Mars stumbles onto the truth when his son, Cassidy, asks her to investigate Richard's young, gold-digging wife, Kendall. After a meeting with the FBLA club at Neptune High, Veronica realizes the truth and reports Richard to the S.E.C. When Cassidy tells his father about Kendall's affair with Logan Echolls, Richard panics upon finding that he had hired a private investigator, realizing that the P.I. would have uncovered his treachery. Richard orders his employees to shred all their files as the S.E.C. agents enter his building, and Richard flees to the rooftop and onto a helicopter to escape. (Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang)

Cassidy knew about his father's dirty business all along and, wanting to punish him for how he treated him, merely asked Veronica to "investigate" so that she would come forward with the information instead. (Not Pictured)

Richard, "tired of running", turns himself in, getting only a year in jail for his crimes. He returns to Neptune a few months before his incarceration, hoping to spend time with Dick before his year-long stay in prison. Upset, Dick confronts him about Cassidy but cancels his trip with Logan nonetheless, and is left evidently bothered by his past attitude towards Cassidy after that. (I Know What You'll Do Next Summer)

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