Rodney Goodman is the son of Woody Goodman and his wife, as well as the brother of Gia.

Character History

Veronica first encounters Rodney when she is investigating Meg's emails with Child Protective Services during the episode Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner. Meg was emailing CPS about her discovery of emotional abuse in one of the houses she babysits. When Rodney spills water and becomes extremely anxious about it, Veronica begins to suspect that Rodney may be the child Meg was referring to in the emails. Before she can investigate further, however, she stumbles upon a book in Meg's house, learning that it was Meg's sister, Grace, that was being abused.

Rodney next appears in Look Who's Stalking. Veronica is trying to figure out who is stalking Rodney's sister, Gia, when Gia shows her a video she received of one of Rodney's soccer games. The video focuses mostly on Gia as she cheers him on from the sidelines, but Rodney is present.

Rodney's last appearance to date is in Happy Go Lucky when his family is evacuated from their home due to a tip from Keith Mars about a potential bomb threat from Lucky. A bomb is found under Woody's car.

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