Scarlett Reyes is a Hearst College student from Chula Vista, California who appears in the Season Three episode Of Vice and Men.


In Of Vice and Men, while Veronica Mars is helping Meryl find her missing boyfriend Sully, they first learn of Scarlett's existence when they search his dorm room and find her picture circled in the freshman facebook.

Scarlett's freshman facebook photo.

Later, they check his voicemail and find a message from Scarlett asking if they were still set to meet at the food court. At the food court, when Veronica and Meryl question her, Scarlett tells them that she was meeting Sully to study and that she hadn't seen him since physics lab the day before. Veronica assumes from Scarlett's outfit that she is attracted to Sully and wants him for herself. Scarlett tells her that she's going to a club later. Veronica leaves Meryl and Scarlett alone to talk while Veronica goes to speak to Professor Landry. When Veronica looks back at them, Meryl is crying and Scarlett comforts her by giving her a hug.

Scarlett hugging Meryl.

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