The first season of Veronica Mars aired from September 2004 until May 2005 and contains 22 episodes. The main focus of the season is the Lilly Kane Murder Case, including the investigation of Veronica's Rape Case. It was released on DVD in October 2005.


When Veronica discovers new evidence that suggests that the man convicted of killing Lilly's is innocent, she decides to investigate the case. As she delves deeper into the murder, she also works on other investigations, including seeks her mother's whereabouts, and deals with the aftermath of being drugged and raped during an 09er party. Veronica, no longer part of the school's wealthy in-crowd, makes some new friends: Wallace, Neptune High basketball star; Weevil, leader of the PCHers, a Latino biker gang; and Mac, Neptune High's resident computer genius. Using her friends' resources, as well as those provided by her father and his contacts, Veronica gains a reputation for sleuthing and finds her skills in increasingly high demand at her school. Things get more complicated when Veronica falls into a relationship with Lilly's ex-boyfriend Logan, who for a time held Veronica partly responsible for Lilly's death and went out of his way to harass her.

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Episode Season # Episode # Original Broadcast date Synopsis
Pilot Pilot.png 1X01 1 September 22, 2004 Veronica Mars begins her junior year at Neptune High trying to re-adjust her life after the murder of her best friend. With a new case assigned to Veronica's father, Keith Mars, involving rich computer-engineer Jake Kane, Veronica sets out to solve it but finds herself digging into the past murder of her best friend, Lilly Kane.
Credit Where Credit's Due Credit Where Credit is Due.png 1X02 2 September 28, 2004 When Weevil's grandmother is accused of credit card fraud, Veronica sets out to prove her innocence.
Meet John Smith Meet John Smith.png 1X03 3 October 12, 2004 Justin Smith hires Veronica to find his father, whom he believes is dead. Meanwhile, Veronica and Troy Vandegraff's relationship deepens, Keith meets Veronica's guidance counselor, Rebecca James, and Duncan temporarily goes off his antidepressants.
The Wrath of Con The Wrath of Con.png 1X04 4 October 19, 2004 Veronica helps Wallace's new girlfriend, Georgia, when she is cheated out of $6,000 in a confidence scam by the "Silicon Mafia".
You Think You Know Somebody You Think you Know Somebody.png 1X05 5 October 26, 2004 Troy's dad's car is stolen and Veronica has only a limited amount of time to find it before Troy is shipped off to Albuquerque.
Return of The Kane Return of the Kane.png 1X06 6 November 2, 2004 It's school election time and Logan wants Duncan to run to counteract Wanda Varner's anti-'09er policies.
The Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door.png 1X07 7 November 9, 2004 When Veronica's pregnant neighbor Sarah goes missing, she tries to find out if her boyfriend killed her.
Like A Virgin Like a Virgin.png 1X08 8 November 23, 2004 A purity test is being passed around the '09ers and it negatively impacts both Meg Manning, Veronica's last '09er friend, and Veronica herself.
Drinking The Kool-Aid Drinking the Kool-Aid.png 1X09 9 November 30, 2004 Veronica simultaneously investigates Clarence Wiedman, the head of Kane Security, who took pictures of her and sent them to her mother and the Moon Calf Collective, a peace-loving cult which 09er Casey joined.
An Echolls Family Christmas An Echolls Family Christmas.png 1X10 10 December 14, 2004 When the winnings of a poker game between Weevil, Duncan Kane, Logan Echolls, and other 09ers goes missing, Veronica decides to investigate.
Silence of The Lamb Silence of the Lamb.png 1X11 11 January 4, 2005 While digging up dirt on parents, Veronica Mars finds out that Mac was actually switched at birth with spoiled 09er Madison Sinclair.
Clash of The Tritons Clash of the Tritons.png 1X12 12 January 11, 2005 When Veronica is arrested for selling fake IDs, she has to figure out who set her up and whether it was a secret society in Neptune High.
Lord of the Bling Lord of the Bling.png 1X13 13 February 8, 2005 Record producer Percy "Bone" Hamilton's daughter, Yolanda, an old friend of Veronica's, is kidnapped, and Keith is hired to find her.
Mars vs. Mars Mars Vs. Mars.png 1X14 14 February 15, 2005 When Carrie Bishop, the gossip queen of the 09ers, accuses Mr. Rooks, Veronica's favorite teacher, of having an affair with her, Veronica sets out to prove her wrong and Mr. Rooks innocent.
Ruskie Business Ruskie Business.png 1X15 15 February 22, 2005 Veronica is hired by a Russian internet order bride to find her husband that she left.
Betty and Veronica Betty and Veronica.png 1X16 16 March 29, 2005 When someone steals Neptune High's mascot, Polly the Parrot, Veronica goes undercover at rival school Pan High to locate the mascot.
Kanes and Abel's Kanes and Abel's.png 1X17 17 April 5, 2005 Veronica finds Abel Koontz's daughter, Amelia DeLongpre, and tries to get the evidence that Jake Kane paid Abel off to confess before Clarence Wiedman gets to her.
Weapons of Class Destruction Weapons of Class Destruction.png 1X18 18 April 12, 2005 Neptune High has been receiving bomb threats and Veronica investigates to find the one who is sending them.
Hot Dogs Hot Dogs.png 1X19 19 April 19, 2005 When shy student Mandy has her dog kidnapped, Veronica takes on the case and ventures in Neptune's seedy underbelly of dognapping rings.
M.A.D. M.A.D..png 1X20 20 April 26, 2005 When Carmen Ruiz is blackmailed by her boyfriend Tad Wilson with an obscene video of her, she goes to Veronica who devises a scheme to solve her problems.
A Trip To The Dentist A Trip to the Dentist.png 1X21 21 May 3, 2005 Veronica finally investigates what happened to her the night of Shelly Pomroy's party where she was drugged and raped and what she finds out is shocking.
Leave It To Beaver Leave it to Beaver.png 1x22 22 May 10, 2005 Dick Casablancas's brother Beaver comes clean to Veronica Mars about Logan Echolls's whereabouts the day of Lilly Kane's murder, leading to the startling conclusion where Veronica finds out who killed Lilly and why.


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