Shelly Pomroy is a student at Neptune High. Her father is the ambassador to Belgium. She is a key character throughout the series, being mentioned mostly for her party that took place December 7th 2003♙ Veronica crashed to demonstrate that the 09er gossip about her didn't affect her. This little act of pride led to her being drugged with GHB and then raped at the party. Ever since, Veronica had been trying to figure out who had raped her.

She is mentioned as one of the students who were in on the drug testing scam that lead to most of the starters being removed from the teams and replaced. She replaced Meg Manning after Meg had allegedly tested positive on her drug test.

She attends the Neptune High reunion. She plays the In Memoriam video on Madison's cue.


  • Shelly Pomroy is the name of a hometown friend of Rob Thomas. She is also a cousin of Amanda Noret, the actress who portrays Madison Sinclair.[1]
  • Shelly only appears onscreen very briefly throughout the series. Despite the fact that she had very little screentime, she had been mentioned by several characters throughout the series.


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