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*[[Jason Dohring]] as [[Logan Echolls]]
*[[Jason Dohring]] as [[Logan Echolls]]
*[[Francis Capra]] as [[Eli Navarro|Eli "Weevil" Navarro]]
*[[Francis Capra]] as [[Eli Navarro|Eli "Weevil" Navarro]]
*[[Sydney Tamiia Poitier]] as [[Mallory Dent]]
*[[Enrico Colantoni]] as [[Keith Mars]]
*[[Enrico Colantoni]] as [[Keith Mars]]

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"Silence of the Lamb" is the tenth episode of the first season of Veronica Mars. It aired, and released on DVD, as the eleventh episode, but it was intended to be the tenth.



Mac "meets" her real mother.

While digging up dirt on fellow students' parents, Veronica discovers that Mac was actually switched at birth … with spoiled 09er Madison Sinclair.

Keith and Lamb have to work together to solve the E-String Strangler case.

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  • "Brilliant Sky" - Saybia
  • "Fireflies" - Amy Cook
  • "The Way You Are" - 46bliss

Production details


Veronica: Can I get anybody anything? Water? Coffee? [to Lamb] A banana?

Lamb: Is your daddy here, or is he busy peeking in people's windows?
Veronica: You stop dressing up like Little Bo Peep, he'll stop peeking.

Madison: What are you doing here?
Wallace: I came to celebrate your birth, but these two just wanna hook up.

Weevil: Well then, you leave the sheriff a note: he shouldn't expect Eli Navarro, Esquire's vote this year!

Veronica: [voiceover] Same old story. Girl uses boy, girl falls for boy, boy saves girl's dad's life, girl gets what she deserves.

Jackson Douglas: I hear you do detective stuff for people.
Veronica: I do favors for friends.
Jackson Douglas: I can pay.
Veronica: Sit down, friend.

Jackson Douglas: I don't care what people say about you, Veronica. You rock!
Veronica: Yes, I do. I also take cash.

Keith: [in a guitar store] Hello Cleveland!


  • When Mac comes across Lauren Sinclair in the library, Lauren says she is reading The Westing Game. This is a young adult novel by Ellen Raskin, originally published by Dutton in 1978. The plot revolves around a teenage girl who solves a complicated murder mystery involving a large group of possible suspects -- just as Veronica does over the course of the first season.
  • The title Silence of the Lamb is a reference to film The Silence of the Lambs starring Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Leo D'Amato.


  • When Veronica brings Leo the food to give to her dad, Leo's computer monitor shows a "Low Battery Warning" from the Mac OS X operating system. There is no laptop in the scene. Desktop computers don't get low battery warnings.
  • When the mother of the newest girl who is missing comes to make the complaint, Leo is the person at the front desk who takes the complaint. In the next scene, Keith interrupts Leo's band's practice to find Veronica. Leo is there, and has no idea that another girl is missing.
  • The employee at the music shop's guitar has sound coming out of it, and not the amplifier which must be at least ten feet away.

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