Tad Wilson was a student at Neptune High. He was the clingy and overly dominant ex-boyfriend of Carmen Ruiz. When she tried to dump him because he was leaving for the Navy, he threatened to send an incriminating video of Carmen skinny dipping in a hot tub with a popsicle. Carmen runs to Veronica Mars for help. She was able to snag his phone that had the picture, which Carmen later destroyed, but he sends a copy of the video to Veronica, leaving Carmen no choice but to stay with him. She was clearly disgusted.

Veronica devises a plan to create an incriminating site that would ruin Tad should Tad send the video out. Carmen takes him on the Neptune Boardwalk while Veronica took the snapshots necessary for the plan. 

Tad taped to the Flag Pole

He meets Carmen and Veronica at lunch and attempts to blackmail Carmen again, but Veronica quickly reveals the site that she would send out to not only the students at Neptune, but his future classmates at the Navy, ultimately destroying his future in the Navy should the video goes out. Veronica leaves and Carmen finally dumps him. Heart broken and filled with anger, he sends out the video, which later destroys Carmen's reputation. Weevil sees the video and later duct tapes Tad to the flagpole. Veronica approaches him and asks him about the party, saying that she'd cut him loose if he answers her questions. He tells her it was Logan.

Tad's Tattoo

Overcome with shock, she rips of the bandage on Tad's tattoo and leaves him there. The tattoo says Seth, leaving to question if he was truly homosexual or if Carmen had just convinced him to tattoo the name on his shoulder.

The following year, he had called and tried to apologize to Carmen about the scandalous video.


Veronica Mars

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