This article is about the Taser. For Stun Gun, see Stun Gun.

Tasers are electroshock weapons, much like the Stun Gun. Not to confuse them together, however, is their function of activation. While the Stun Gun requires the user to be near the victim and incapacitate them with the probes on the tip, Tasers fires sharp probes that stick to the victim and electrocute them into convulsion. Also unlike the Stun Gun, a Tasers effect is stronger to an extent that the victim will still remain down even when the initial fire has ended, while the time a Stun Gun can keep a victim down will all depend on where the weapon was struck, how well the weapon was used, and how long the weapon was activated. Another factor one should keep in mind that a Stun Gun will only be as effective as the Voltage that it can release. People tend to mix the two, however, and Stun Guns have been called Tasers time and again. Even Veronica Mars had mistaken hers for a Taser.

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