Timothy A. Foyle is a teaching assistant for Professor Hank Landry at Hearst College. Tim seems to dislike Veronica from the moment he meets her, possibly because Landry seems to prefer her over him. In the first session of Landry's criminology class, he has his students play a detective game, "Murder on the Riverboat Queen". Veronica beats Tim's record time for solving the mystery in six minutes, then embarrasses and annoys him by saying "There is one thing I can't figure out: what did you do with the extra ten minutes?" (Welcome Wagon)

Tim later accuses Veronica of plagiarizing her mid-term paper and arranges it so she only has three days to clear herself. After Veronica figures out what happened, she accuses Tim of setting her up just so that she would discover that Landry was having an affair with Mindy O'Dell, the Dean's wife, but Tim denies it. (Hi, Infidelity)

Tim and Veronica team up in an attempt to clear Dr. Landry of the murder of Hearst College's Dean of Students, Cyrus O'Dell. However, Veronica deduces that Tim himself murdered Cyrus O'Dell to take revenge on Landry for ruining his chances at a job at Pepperdine University, by giving an unfavorable reference to the prospective employer. (Papa's Cabin)



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