Van Clemmons was the Vice Principal turned Principal of Neptune High.


During high school, Veronica constantly gets into trouble and as a result regularly meets with Clemmons. Occasionally, Van Clemmons asks Veronica for help, once asking her to locate the missing school mascot. Clemmons is the one who instructs Veronica to organize some old files, which led to her discovering Moorehead as Trina Echolls' father. When Moorehead is fired as principal, Veronica realizes that it was Clemmons' plan all along to become principal. When Veronica graduates, Clemmons says that he cannot decide if his life will be easier or more difficult with her gone. Clemmons reappears in "Un-American Graffiti", where he is caught on tape being shot with a paintball gun by several Neptune High students. In the 10 years that Veronica had been gone, the school was much more peaceful. He attends the Neptune High Reunion after the abrupt end, trying to figure out who caused the mess, but quickly deduces it was Veronica when he saw her walk past him. He gives her a heartfelt look and tells her that it's been boring.


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