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Season 4 Finale

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Mars Revival

She's back, baby! Solving a whole new mystery in Season 4. Read more here...

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Veronica Mars

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Veronica & Logan

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Veronica Mars is an American teen-drama, neo-noir, and mystery television series that focuses on the life of Veronica Mars who investigates and solves mysteries as a private investigator under the influence of her detective father.

Each episode has Veronica solving a stand-alone mystery while trying to solve a bigger and more complex mystery each season that begins during the season premiere and gets solved during the season finale. The first two seasons follow this format creating season-long story arcs while the third season made the mystery story arcs shorter and lasting for only several episodes during the season. The series was made into a movie in 2014 following a Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised nearly three times the campaign's original goal.

The Hulu revival of the series was released on July 19, 2019.



Veronica Mars is BACK!! Hulu has just released all 8 episodes of Season 4 on Hulu early. Watch as Veronica solves the mysterious bombings plaguing spring break in her home town, Neptune.

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