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"Veronica in the FBI" was a 12 minute teaser for a potential Season 4 pilot. The teaser was produced by Rob Thomas as a last ditch effort to save the series from cancellation. It was released on the Season 3 DVD set.

The teaser showed Veronica Mars, four years after the end of the third season. She has completed college, and having just finished her training at Quantico, has been assigned to the FBI's LA Field Office. As a rookie, Veronica is volunteered by her fellow agents to handle an undercover case posing as a reform school student.

Veronica's fellow agents include:

  • Carter – her new partner, who is less than pleased to be assigned to her.
  • Callie Farmer – another go-getting rookie.
  • Seth – another rookie, re-assigned from Miami. He was dumped by Veronica after a relationship at Quantico.

In the movie, Leo expresses surprise that the FBI is investigating Carrie Bishop's murder, to which Veronica confusedly explains she isn't in the FBI. Leo, who is almost positive that was what she did after college, presses further, prompting her to reply, "in another life, maybe." This exchange confirms the teaser as non-canon.