Wanda Varner was a student at Neptune High who used to be in pep squad with Veronica Mars.


Dissatisfied and fed up with being treated as inferiors by the 09ers, particularly after a confrontation with Madison Sinclair, who called her out for having her food delivered, Wanda ran for student-body president, promising to abolish the "Pirate Points" system of the school. For this, Wanda immediately gained support and became popular among the other students.

Not wanting to lose their privileges, Madison rigged the election against Wanda in favor of Duncan Kane, leading students to believe that they were voting for Wanda by mixing up the order of their names in certain rooms. After the announcement of the winner was made, Veronica realized that something was off and decided to investigate. Veronica uncovered the manipulation, and a runoff election between Wanda and Duncan is announced.

When the opposition vandalized her posters with the word "narc", Veronica offered to help Wanda make new posters with her. The old friends bond at Veronica's place, "just like their pep squad days". Here, Wanda expressed interest in going to Williams for college. Despite Veronica's efforts, rumors are spreading fast that Wanda is a narc, and Veronica hears from Weevil that Wanda "narced" on Felix's vandalizing habits to the cops after hooking up with him. Veronica is skeptical and unsure what to believe, so she tried Wanda by telling her that "she knew a guy" that could provide them with party drugs. The narc claims are proven right when the deputy arrives at school to inspect her locker for drugs.

In the end, Wanda still loses the student-council elections to Duncan. Confronted by Veronica, Wanda confesses that she has been narcing on people to keep possession charges, which she was busted for a year before, off her record, which she cannot have if she ever has a chance of getting into Williams. Wanda promises Veronica that she could have changed things as student-council president and is visibly hurt when Veronica tells her that she did not vote for her.

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