Yolanda Hamilton was the daughter of big shot music producer Percy "Bone" Hamilton, who she does not like talking about because of his reputation.

She transferred to Neptune High weeks before Lilly Kanes's murder and was immediately befriended by Veronica Mars and some of the 09ers. She particularly bonds with Lilly and Veronica but this ends when, during a party that Lilly decided to skip out on to avoid her boyfriend, Logan Echolls, Yolanda and Logan make out and are caught by Veronica. Yolanda is immediately ignored by Lilly, especially after Logan claims that it was Yolanda who made the first move, and tries to explain herself to Veronica. Veronica decides to not help her though and sides with Lilly, instead.

More than a year later, Yolanda has since then made new friends. She has particularly become close to Gabrielle and has been going to a club in Los Angeles with her. She then ran away to Las Vegas and married Benjamin Bloom, the son of her father's nemesis and former lawyer. Her brother, Bryce, made it look like a kidnapping to con their father.

Eventually, Yolanda talks with her parents over video chat and tells them that they will return home if Bone and Sam Bloom make amends and give them their blessing. Veronica also finally apologizes to Yolanda for ditching her.

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